Good to know:

  • During the initial launch ceremony, we will incentivize bonding with 20-30% discount for a short period of time. Discounts will be set back to ~10% level after the initial launch phase.

  • Bonders receive ~10% discounts from Spartacus Protocols and receive vesting SPA tokens in ~ 5 days.

The bonding process

You will be able to bond Dai or Dai-SPA LP tokens initially. The bond price will be setup to provide ~10-30% positive ROI for all bonders.

Bonding is the process of Spartacus DAO accruing liquidity and the reserve assets, and providing the value backing for the SPA token.

Spartacus protocol gradually owns the liquidity through the bonding process. With bonding, SPA 's intrinsic value is established.

More details to come on how to bond via Spartacus UI.

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