Updates: Migrating to Ethereum Mainnet

In light of the recent incidences of Multichain, one of the most critical cross-chain infrastructure for Fantom and other networks, we have taken proactive steps to expedite our migration from Fantom to ETH mainnet. The multichain announcement on June 1, 2023: https://twitter.com/MultichainOrg/status/1663941611380965376

And a warning sign from Stargate on disabling the USDC pool on Fantom: https://twitter.com/StargateFinance/status/1663696431721644033

As we have witnessed many catastrophic project failures in the past year, we believe it is necessary to take precautionary actions to protect the Spartacus treasury from unforeseeable circumstances and force majeure. The migration is also consistent with the long term vision of the Spartacus project.

As of June 8 2023, we have completed $20M of treasury DAI migration from Fantom to Ethereum mainnet. The assets are located in a team managed multisig wallet here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x476bE4E3773737E653bdC1eAe9b568b19197cc84

We will keep the community posted on further updates and plans on the mainnet.

Spartacus team

June 9, 2023

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